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DateTitle Authors
2001 Existence of Linear Equilibria in the Kyle Model with Multiple Informed TradersNöldeke, Georg / Tröger, Thomas
2008 Comparative statics of altruism amd spiteMilchtaich, Igal
2005 Monotonicity and Nash implementation in matching markets with contractsHaake, Claus-Jochen / Klaus, Bettina
2010 Representation of TU games by coalition production economiesInoue, Tomoki
2008 Stability and Nash implementation in matching markets with couplesHaake, Claus-Jochen / Klaus, Bettina
2004 Dividing by demanding: object division through market proceduresHaake, Claus-Jochen
2007 Inspecting the poverty-trap mechanism: a quantile regression approachKrüger, Jens J.
2003 A fresh look on economic evolution from kinetic viewpointLehmann-Waffenschmidt, Marco
2008 A non-standard approach to a market with boundedly rational consumers and strategic firms : part I: microfoundation for the evolution of salesMatzke, Christina / Wirth, Benedikt
2009 Stability under learning of equilibria in financial markets with supply informationHeinemann, Maik

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