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DateTitle Authors
2004 E-Stabilty: Über die Lernbarkeit von rationalen ErwatungsgleichgewichtenHenzel, Steffen / Mayer, Eric / Schimpfermann, Bodo
May-1968 Gewinnmaximierung durch Optimierung des RisikosScholtz, Hellmut D.
2008 On the stability of equilibria in replicator dynamics modelling: an application in industrial dynamics considering resource constraintsKlarl, Torben
2010 Matching and saving in continuous time: ProofsBayer, Christian / Wälde, Klaus
2002 On Borel Probability Measures and Noncooperative Game TheoryFrenk, J.B.G. / Kassay, G. / Protassov, V.
2001 A Characterization of Melioration in Game Theoretic FrameworksApesteguia, Jose
2008 The maximal payoff and coalition formation in coalitional gamesZhao, Jingang
2005 Notes on an endogenous growth model with two capital stocks II: the stochastic caseBethmann, Dirk
2006 Stability and dynamics in an overlapping generations economy under flexible wage negotiation and capital accumulationKoskela, Erkki / Puhakka, Mikko
2012 Optimal monetary policy under learning in a new Keynesian model with cost channel and inflation inertiaBask, Mikael / Proaño, Christian R.

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