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2009 Coin migration within the euro areaSeitz, Franz / Stoyan, Dietrich / Tödter, Karl-Heinz
2010 Optimal Balanced Control for Call CentersBhulai, Sandjai / Farenhorst-Yuan, Taoying / Heidergott, Bernd / van der Laan, Dinard
2010 On the Optimality of Regularity in Mixing Markovian Decision Rules for MDP Controlvan der Laan, Dinard
2011 A recommended financial model for the selection of safest portfolio by using simulation and optimization techniquesArekar, Kirti / Kumar, Sanjeevani
2006 Modelling Start-Up Costs of Multiple Technologies in Electricity MarketsKuntz, Ludwig / Müsgens, Felix
2008 A renewal theoretic result in portfolio theory under transaction costs with multiple risky assetsIrle, Albrecht / Prelle, Claas
2005 Notes on an endogenous growth model with two capital stocks II: the stochastic caseBethmann, Dirk
2007 A complementarity model for the European natural gas marketEgging, Ruud / Gabriel, Steven A. / Holz, Franziska / Zhuang, Jifang
2011 Generalized marginal rate of substitution in multiconstraint consumer's problems and their reciprocal expenditure problemsBesada, Manuel / García, Javier / Mirás, Miguel / Vázquez, Carmen
2013 Assessing the Impact of the Maternity Capital Policy in Russia Using a Dynamic Model of Fertility and EmploymentSlonimczyk, Fabian / Yurko, Anna

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