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2007 Environmental policy under model uncertainty: a robust optimal control approachFunke, Michael / Paetz, Michael
2011 Optimal emission-extraction policy in a world of scarcity and irreversibilityPrieur, Fabien / Tidball, Mabel / Withagen, Cees A.
2007 A stochastic multiple players multi-issues bargaining model for the Piave river basinSgobbi, Alessandra / Carraro, Carlo
2008 A tale of two debt crises: a stochastic optimal control analysisStein, Jerome L.
2007 From Russia with gas: an analysis of the Nord Stream pipeline's impact on the European Gas Transmission System with the TIGER-ModelLochner, Stefan / Bothe, David
2008 Measuring residential energy efficiency improvements with DEAGrösche, Peter
2013 Default risk calculation based on predictor selection for the Southeast Asian industryHärdle, Wolfgang Karl / Prastyo, Dedy Dwi
2008 A non-standard approach to a market with boundedly rational consumers and strategic firms : part I: microfoundation for the evolution of salesMatzke, Christina / Wirth, Benedikt
2013 Profit maximizing goes global: The race to the bottomKiefer, David / Rada, Codrina
2008 A technical note on comparative dynamics in a fiscal competition modelBecker, Daniel Thomas

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