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2004 Forecasting with measurement errors in dynamic modelsHarrison, Richard T. / Kapetanios, George
2006 Forecasting inflation and GDP growth: Comparison of automatic leading indicator (ALI) method with macro econometric structural models (MESMs)Qin, Duo / Cagas, Marie Anne / Ducanes, Geoffrey / Magtibay-Ramos, Nedelyn
2004 Estimating time-variation in measurement error from data revisions: An application to forecasting in dynamic modelsKapetanios, George / Yates, Anthony
2007 Macroeconomic forecasting with mixed frequency data: Forecasting US output growthClements, Michael P. / Galvão, Ana Beatriz / Marcellino, Massimiliano
2011 The financial crisis from a forecaster's perspectiveDrechsel, Katja / Scheufele, Rolf
2009 A hierarchical procedure for the combination of forecastsCostantini, Mauro / Pappalardo, Carmine
2013 Using the EU-SILC to model the impact of the economic crisis on inequalityO'Donoghue, Cathal / Loughrey, Jason / Morrissey, Karyn
2009 Combining forecasts based on multiple encompassing tests in a macroeconomic core systemCostantini, Mauro / Kunst, Robert M.
2008 Combination of forecast methods using encompassing tests: An algorithm-based procedureCostantini, Mauro / Pappalardo, Carmine
2010 Asymmetric time aggregation and its potential benefits for forecasting annual dataKunst, Robert M. / Franses, Philip Hans

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