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2012 Using internet data to account for special events in economic forecastingSchmidt, Torsten / Vosen, Simeon
2010 A first look on the new halle economic projection modelGiesen, Sebastian / Holtemöller, Oliver / Scharff, Juliane / Scheufele, Rolf
2010 Forecast Evaluation of Small Nested Model SetsHubrich, Kirstin / West, Kenneth
2010 Predictive ability of business cycle indicators under test: A case study for the euro area industrial productionCarstensen, Kai / Wohlrabe, Klaus / Ziegler, Christina
2010 Should we trust in leading indicators? Evidence from the recent recessionDrechsel, Katja / Scheufele, Rolf
2014 Fluctuations of the Real Exchange Rate, Real Interest Rates, and the Dynamics of the Price of Gold in a Small Open EconomyRohloff, Sebastian / Pierdzioch, Christian / Risse, Marian
2013 Pronósticos de la estructura temporal de las tasas de interés en México utilizando und modelo afínElizondo, Rocio
2014 Assessing the Economic and Political Impacts of Climate Change on International River Basins using Surface Wetness in the Zambezi and Mekong BasinsBlankespoor, Brian / Basist, Alan / Dinar, Ariel / Dinar, Shlomi / Houba, Harold / Thomas, Neil
2010 Do Google searches help in nowcasting private consumption? A real-time evidence for the USKholodilin, Konstantin Arkadievich / Podstawski, Maximilian / Siliverstovs, Boriss
2009 Does accounting for spatial effects help forecasting the growth of Chinese provinces?Girardin, Eric / Kholodilin, Konstantin Arkadievich

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