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2006 Varying coefficient GARCH versus local constant volatility modeling: comparison of the predictive powerPolzehl, Jörg / Spokoiny, Vladimir
2010 Models with Time-varying Mean and Variance: A Robust Analysis of U.S. Industrial ProductionBos, Charles S. / Koopman, Siem Jan
2010 Predictive Ability of Business Cycle Indicators under Test: A Case Study for the Euro Area Industrial ProductionWohlrabe, Klaus / Carstensen, Kai / Ziegler, Christina
2008 Bayesian Forecasting of Value at Risk and Expected Shortfall using Adaptive Importance SamplingHoogerheide, Lennart / van Dijk, Herman K.
2000 Predicting inflation in Euroland : the Pstar approachScheide, Joachim / Trabandt, Mathias
2008 An Hourly Periodic State Space Model for Modelling French National Electricity LoadDordonnat, V. / Koopman, S.J. / Ooms, M. / Dessertaine, A. / Collet, J.
2010 Is Economic Recovery a Myth? Robust Estimation of Impulse ResponsesTeulings, Coen N. / Zubanov, Nick
2012 Identification of animal spirits in a bounded rationality model: An application to the euro areaJang, Tae-Seok / Sacht, Stephen
2008 A note on the model selection risk for ANOVA based adaptive forecasting of the EURIBOR swap term structureBlaskowitz, Oliver J. / Herwartz, Helmut
2009 Information Flows around the Globe: Predicting Opening Gaps from Overnight Foreign Stock Price Patternsde Gooijer, Jan G. / Diks, Cees G.H. / Gatarek, Lukasz T.

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