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DateTitle Authors
2004 Sectoral labor supply, choice restrictions and functional formDagsvik, John K. / Strøm, Steinar
2003 Analyzing labor supply behaviour with latent job opportunity sets and institutional choice constraintsDagsvik, John K. / Strøm, Steinar
2006 Simulating labor supply behavior when workers have preferences for job opportunities and face nonlinear budget constraintsDagsvik, John K. / Locatelli, Marilena / Strøm, Steinar
2007 Insurance and Rural Welfare: What can Panel Data tell us?Elbers, Chris / Gunning, Jan Willem / Pan, Lei
2008 Testing for granger (non-) causality in a time varying coefficient VAR modelChristopoulos, Dimitris K. / León-Ledesma, Miguel
2003 Nonlinearities and Cyclical Behavior: The Role of Chartists and FundamentalistsReitz, Stefan / Westerhoff, Frank
2009 The gravity equation with micro-founded trade costsRudolph, Stephan
2015 Exchange rate bands of inaction and play-hysteresis in Greek exports to the euro area, the US and Turkey: Sectoral evidenceBelke, Ansgar / Kronen, Dominik
2002 On the small sample properties of weak exogeneity tests in cointegrated VAR modelsBrüggemann, Ralf
2002 Comparison of model reduction methods for VAR processesBrüggemann, Ralf / Krolzig, Hans-Martin / Lütkepohl, Helmut

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