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DateTitle Authors
2008 Inflation targeting and price-level-path targeting in the GEM: Some open economy considerationsColetti, Donald / Lalonde, René / Muir, Dirk
2012 Behavioral multistate duration models: What should they look like?Dagsvik, John K.
2004 A smooth permanent surge processGonzález, Andrés
2001 Innovation and performance in manufacturing industries: A comparison of the Nordic countriesLööf, Hans / Heshmati, Almas / Asplund, Rita / Nåås, Svein-Olav
2005 Multivariate autoregressive conditional heteroskedasticity with smooth transitions in conditional correlationsSilvennoinen, Annastiina / Teräsvirta, Timo
2013 Demand estimation with selection bias: A dynamic game approach with an application to the US railroad industryCoublucq, Daniel
2010 Spend-and-tax adjustments and the sustainability of the government's intertemporal budget constraintLegrenzi, Gabriella Deborah / Milas, Costas
2006 Preference learning versus coherent arbitrariness: NOAA guidelines or a learning design contingent valuation (LDCV)Bateman, Ian J. / Burgess, Diane / Hutchinson, W. George / Matthews, David I.
2000 Progress form forecast failure: The Norwegian consumption functionEitrheim, Øyvind / Jansen, Eilev S. / Nymoen, Ragnar
2007 Long Memory Modelling of Inflation with Stochastic Variance and Structural BreaksBos, C.S. / Koopman, S.J. / Ooms, M.

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