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2010 A VAR analysis of FDI and wages: The Romania's caseMutascu, Mihai Ioan / Fleischer, Anne-Marie
2009 A financial sector balance approach and the cyclical dynamics of the US economyCasadio, Paolo / Paradiso, Antonio
2010 Lean' versus 'rich' data sets: Forecasting during the great moderation and the great recessionLombardi, Marco J. / Maier, Philipp
2011 Mixed frequency forecasts for Chinese GDPMaier, Philipp
2010 On the advantages of disaggregated data: Insights from forecasting the US economy in a data-rich environmentPerevalov, Nikita / Maier, Philipp
2001 The labor-supply elasticity and borrowing constraints: Why estimates are biasedDomeij, David / Flodén, Martin
2012 Short-term forecasting of the Japanese economy using factor modelsGodbout, Claudia / Lombardi, Marco J.
2008 The global dimension of inflation: evidence from factor-augmented Phillips curvesEickmeier, Sandra / Moll, Katharina
2005 Common stationary and non-stationary factors in the euro area analyzed in a large-scale factor modelEickmeier, Sandra
2011 A Multi-Scenario Forecast of Urban Change: A Study on Urban Growth in the Algarvede Noronha Vaz, Eric / Nijkamp, Peter / Painho, Marco / Gaetano, Mario

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