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2006 Estimation of default probabilities with Support Vector MachinesChen, Shiyi / Härdle, Wolfgang Karl / Moro, Rouslan A.
2008 Recurrent support vector regression for a nonlinear ARMA model with applications to forecasting financial returnsChen, Shiyi / Jeong, Kiho / Härdle, Wolfgang Karl
2007 Estimating probabilities of default with support vector machinesHärdle, Wolfgang Karl / Moro, Rouslan A. / Schäfer, Dorothea
2010 Learning machines supporting bankruptcy predictionHärdle, Wolfgang Karl / Moro, Rouslan A. / Hoffmann, Linda
2007 Assessing household credit risk: Evidence from a household surveyHolló, Dániel / Papp, Mónika
2008 Possibly Ill-behaved Posteriors in Econometric ModelsHoogerheide, Lennart / van Dijk, Herman K.
1999 Closed form integration of artificial neural networks with some applicationsGottschling, Andreas / Haefke, Christian / White, Halbert
2016 Forecasting the market risk premium with artificial neural networksOikonomikou, Leoni Eleni
2016 Comparing the market risk premia forecasts in JSE and NYSE equity marketsOikonomikou, Leoni Eleni
2007 Ein Vergleich des binären Logit-Modells mit künstlichen neuronalen Netzen zur Insolvenzprognose anhand relativer BilanzkennzahlenFranken, Ronald

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