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DateTitle Authors
2015 Regional perspectives to the multidimensional poverty indexPasha, Atika
2012 Extracting information from the business outlook survey using statistical approachesPichette, Lise
2005 Forecasting German GDP using alternative factor models based on large datasetsSchumacher, Christian
2010 Unit Value Bias Reconsideredvon der Lippe, Peter / Mehrhoff, Jens
2009 Consumer prices in Denmark 1502-2007Abildgren, Kim
2007 Diversification and the banks' risk-return-characteristics: evidence from loan portfolios of German banksBehr, Andreas / Kamp, Andreas / Memmel, Christoph / Pfingsten, Andreas
2000 Stochastic processes subject to time-scale transformations: An application to high-frequency FX dataJordá, Oscar / Marcellino, Massimiliano
2010 Is Inflation Heterogeneously Distributed Among Income Groups?Mehrhoff, Jens / Breuer, Claus Christian
2014 From open-access to individual quotas: Disentangling the effects of policy reform and environmental changes in the Norwegian coastal cod fisheryDiekert, Florian / Lund, Kristen / Schweder, Tore
2012 Homogeneous groups within a heterogeneous community: Evidence from an index measuring European economic integrationKönig, Jörg / Ohr, Renate

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