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2003 Inflation Expectations in the EU: Results from Survey DataNielsen, Hannah
2008 Individual Determinants of Social Fairness Assessments: The Case of GermanyHennighausen, Tanja / Heinemann, Friedrich / Bischoff, Ivo
2009 Choosing from the Reform Menu Card: Individual Determinants of Labour Market Policy PreferencesHennighausen, Tanja / Bischoff, Ivo / Heinemann, Friedrich
2010 Don't tax me? Determinants of individual attitudes toward progressive taxationHeinemann, Friedrich / Hennighausen, Tanja
2009 Rose effect and the Euro: The magic is goneHavránek, Tomáš
2007 Koizumi carried the day: Did the Japanese election results make people happy and unhappy?Tsutsui, Yoshiro / Kimball, Miles / Ohtake, Fumio
2003 Errors in survey reports of consumption expendituresBattistin, Erich
2003 Randomized Response and the Binary Probit ModelRonning, Gerd
2006 Improving Business Cycle Forecasts' Accuracy - What Can We Learn from Past Errors?Döhrn, Roland
2005 Disagreement in partners' reports of financial difficultyBreunig, Robert / Cobb-Clark, Deborah A. / Gong, Xiaodong / Venn, Daniella

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