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2010 Cumulation of cross-section surveys: Evaluation of alternative concepts for the cumulated continuous Household Budget Surveys (LWR) 1999 until 2003 compared to the Sample Survey of Income and Expenditures (EVS) 2003Merz, Joachim / Stolze, Henning
2006 Effects of attrition and non-response in the health and retirement studyKapteyn, Arie / Michaud, Pierre-Carl / Smith, James P. / van Soest, Arthur
2007 Comparing quantitative and qualitative survey dataSchenker, Rolf
2007 A note on the Carlson-Parkin method of quantifying qualitative dataMüller, Christian / Wirz, Aniela / Sydow, Nora
2010 Kumulation von Querschnitten: Evaluierung alternativer Konzepte für die kumulierten laufenden Wirtschaftsrechnungen 1999 bis 2003 im Vergleich zur Einkommens- und Verbrauchsstichprobe 2003Merz, Joachim / Stolze, Henning
2009 Computing the accuracy of complex non-random sampling methods: The case of the Bank of Canada's Business Outlook SurveyDe Munnik, Daniel / Dupuis, David / Illing, Mark
2002 Is there evidence of pessimism and doubt in subjective distributions? A comment on AbelGiordani, Paolo / Söderkind, Paul
2002 Zur Kumulation von HaushaltsstichprobenMerz, Joachim
2002 Methodology to correct the unit non-response bias in the case of the KOF ETH Survey 2000 on organization and information technologiesDonzé, Laurent
2006 Growth and Inequality: A Meta-Analysisde Dominicis, Laura / de Groot, Henri L.F. / Florax, Raymond J.G.M.

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