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1999 Do Stepping Stone Jobs exist? Early Career Paths in the Medical Professionvan den Berg, Gerard J. / Holm, Anders / van Ours, Jan C.
2011 Do changing institutional settings matter? Educational attainment and family related employment interruptions in GermanyDrasch, Katrin
1998 Combining Micro and Macro Unemployment Duration Datavan den Berg, Gerard J. / van der Klaauw, Bas
2013 Network formation: R&D cooperation propensity and timing among German laser source manufacturersKudic, Muhamed / Pyka, Andreas / Sunder, Marco
2000 The Non-Parametric Identification of Lagged Duration DependenceFrijters, Paul
1997 Young and out in Germany: On the youths' chances of labor market entrance in GermanyFranz, Wolfgang / Inkmann, Joachim / Pohlmeier, Winfried / Zimmermann, Volker
1995 Labour supply disincentive effects of old age public pensions: A case study for West Germany combining panel data and aggregate informationSiddiqui, Sikandar
2003 The effect of programme participation on the transition rate from unemployment to employmentRøed, Knut / Raaum, Oddbjørn
2006 Justifying functional forms in models for transitions between discrete states, with particular reference to employment-unemployment dynamicsDagsvik, John K.
2005 Time and causility: A Monte Carlo assessment of the timing-of-events approachGaure, Simen / Røed, Knut / Zhang, Tao

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