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DateTitle Authors
1999 Identification and Estimation of Causal Effects of Multiple Treatments Under the Conditional Independence AssumptionLechner, Michael
2005 Consistent testing for poverty dominanceThuysbaert, Bram / Zitikis, Riécardas
2005 Survey expectationsPesaran, Mohammad Hashem / Weale, Martin R.
1999 The recursive thick frontier approach to estimating efficiencyWagenvoort, Rien / Schure, Paul
2008 Statistical matching using propensity scores: theory and application to the Levy Institute measure of economic well-beingKum, Hyunsub / Masterson, Thomas
2004 Economic Systems of OECD Nations: Impact and EvolutionPryor, Frederic L.
2013 Quality of statistical match and simulations used in the estimation of the Levy Institute Measure of Time and Consumption Poverty (LIMTCP) for Turkey in 2006Masterson, Thomas
2012 Simulations of full-time employment and household work in the Levy Institute Measure of Time and Income Poverty (LIMTIP) for Argentina, Chile, and MexicoMasterson, Thomas
2008 International benchmarking in electricity distribution: a comparison of French and German utilitiesCullmann, Astrid / Crespo, Hélène / Plagnet, Marie-Anne
2014 An economic perspective (model) on US corporations and treasury stockGander, James

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