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DateTitle Authors
2004 Wann kehren junge Mütter auf den Arbeitsmarkt zurück? Eine Verweildaueranalyse für DeutschlandWeber, Andrea Maria
2002 Peer effects on substance use among American teenagersKawaguchi, Daiji
2009 Hypothesis testing of multiple inequalities: The method of constraint chainingChen, Le-Yu / Szroeter, Jerzy
2003 Another look at the regression discontinuity designBattistin, Erich / Rettore, Enrico
2012 Testing multiple inequality hypotheses: A smoothed indicator approachChen, Le-Yu / Szroeter, Jerzy
2014 Measuring Gender Differences in Information Sharing Using Network Analysis: the Case of the Austrian Interlocking Directorship Network in 2009Drago, Carlo / Aliberti, Livia Amidani / Carbonai, Davide
2003 Measuring Labor Market Frictions: A Cross-Country ComparisonRidder, Geert / van den Berg, Gerard J.
2003 Self-Selection, Earnings, and Out-Migration: A Longitudinal Study of Immigrants to GermanyConstant, Amelie F. / Massey, Douglas S.
2001 Returns to Education and Wage EquationsPereira, Pedro Telhado / Martins, Pedro Silva
2005 Modelling Aggregate Consumption Growth with Time-Varying ParametersArns, Jürgen / Bhattacharya, Kaushik

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