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2002 Peer effects on substance use among American teenagersKawaguchi, Daiji
2009 Hypothesis testing of multiple inequalities: The method of constraint chainingChen, Le-Yu / Szroeter, Jerzy
2003 Another look at the regression discontinuity designBattistin, Erich / Rettore, Enrico
2012 Testing multiple inequality hypotheses: A smoothed indicator approachChen, Le-Yu / Szroeter, Jerzy
2003 Identification, characteristics and impact of faked interviews in surveys : an analysis by means of genuine fakes in the raw data of SOEPSchraepler, Joerg-Peter / Wagner, Gert G.
2007 Long memory and FIGARCH models for daily and high frequency commodity pricesBaillie, Richard T. / Han, Young-Wook / Myers, Robert J. / Song, Jeongseok
2014 IPW estimation and related estimators for evaluation of active labor market policies in a dynamic settingVikström, Johan
2015 Predicting Welfare Effects of Food Price Shocks: A Comparative AnalysisRischke, Ramona
2005 Modelling Aggregate Consumption Growth with Time-Varying ParametersArns, Jürgen / Bhattacharya, Kaushik
1999 Approximation properties of the neuro-fuzzy minimum functionGottschling, Andreas / Kreuter, Christof

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