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DateTitle Authors
2011 World database of happiness: Example of a focused 'findings archive'Veenhoven, Ruut
2014 Do maternal health problems influence child's worrying status? Evidence from British cohort studyDai, Xianhua / Härdle, Wolfgang Karl / Yu, Keming
2013 Global, regional and country-specific components of financial market indicators: An extraction method and applicationsKocsis, Zalán
2011 Beyond GDP and back: What is the value-added by additional components of welfare measurement?Kassenboehmer, Sonja C. / Schmidt, Christoph M.
2013 Functional data analysis of generalized quantile regressionsGuo, Mengmeng / Zhou, Lhan / Huang, Jianhua Z. / Härdle, Wolfgang Karl
2011 Factor rotation with non-negativity constraintsPudney, Stephen
2014 Principal component analysis in an asymmetric normTran, Ngoc Mai / Osipenko, Maria / Härdle, Wolfgang Karl
2013 Econometric Mediation Analyses: Identifying the Sources of Treatment Effects from Experimentally Estimated Production Technologies with Unmeasured and Mismeasured InputsHeckman, James J. / Pinto, Rodrigo
2012 Common factors in credit defaults swaps marketsChen, Yi-hsuan / Härdle, Wolfgang Karl
2010 On the Latin American growth paradox: A hindsight into the Golden AgeBarboni, Giorgia / Treibich, Tania

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