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2012 Do better capitalized banks lend less? Long-run panel evidence from GermanyBuch, Claudia M. / Prieto, Esteban
2009 Weak and strong cross section dependence and estimation of large panelsChudik, Alexander / Pesaran, Mohammad Hashem / Tosetti, Elisa
2009 Corporate taxation and the choice of patent location within multinational firmsKarkinsky, Tom / Riedel, Nadine
2009 Testing for convergence in stock markets: a non-linear factor approachCaporale, Guglielmo Maria / Erdogan, Burcu / Kuzin, Vladimir N.
2013 Rapid credit growth and current account deficit as the leading determinants of financial crisesGanioğlu, Aytül
2009 Firm debt structure and firm sizeGander, James P.
2010 Firm debt structure and firm size: A micro approachGander, James P.
2011 Seeing inside the black box: Using diffusion index methodology to construct factor proxies in largescale macroeconomic time series environmentsArmah, Nii Ayi / Swanson, Norman R.
2014 Vertical fiscal imbalances and the accumulation of government debtAldasoro, Iñaki / Seiferling, Mike
2010 Dynamic Simultaneous Equations and Panel Data: Small Sample Properties and Regional Factor Demand Modelling for Policy AnalysisMitze, Timo

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