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1998 Shock around the clock - on the causal relations between international stock markets, the strength of causality and the intensity of shock transmission: an econometric analysisDornau, Robert
2008 A Critical Note on the Forecast Error Variance DecompositionSeymen, Atilim
2009 The role of structural common and country-specific shocks in the business cycle dynamics of the G7 countriesSeymen, Atilim / Kappler, Marcus
2011 An assessment of the relationship between public real estate markets and stock markets at the local, regional, and global levelsLiow, Kim Hiang / Schindler, Felix
2008 The Relationship between the Hybrid New Keynesian Phillips Curve and the NAIRU over TimeVogel, Lena
2007 Time and price impact of a trade: A structural approachGrammig, Joachim / Theissen, Erik / Wuensche, Oliver
2005 Liquidity supply and adverse selection in a pure limit order book marketFrey, Stefan / Grammig, Joachim
2009 Commonalities in the order bookBeltran-Lopez, Héléna / Giot, Pierre / Grammig, Joachim G.
2004 The Power of the KPSS-Test for Cointegration when Residuals are Fractionally IntegratedSibbertsen, Philipp / Krämer, Walter
2013 Testando a cointegração entre os fundamentos e a taxa real de câmbio: Evidências para países selecionadosRibeiro, Priscila Fernandes

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