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2011 Asymptotic distribution of JIVE in a heteroskedastic IV regression with many instrumentsChao, John C. / Swanson, Norman R. / Hausman, Jerry A. / Newey, Whitney K. / Woutersen, Tiemen
2003 Asymptotic Normality of Single-Equation Estimators for the Case with a Large Number of Weak InstrumentsSwanson, Norman R. / Chao, John C.
2003 Alternative Approximations of the Bias and MSE of the IV Estimator Under Weak Identification With an Application to Bias CorrectionChao, John C. / Swanson, Norman R.
2004 Consistent Estimation with a Large Number of Weak InstrumentsChao, John C. / Swanson, Norman R.
2012 Gaussian approximation of suprema of empirical processesChernozhukov, Victor / Chetverikov, Denis / Kato, Kengo
2003 Generalized empirical likelihood estimamtors and tests under partial, weaks and strong identificationGuggenberger, Patrik / Smith, Richard J.
2005 Generalized empirical likelihood tests in time models with potential identification failureGuggenberger, Patrik / Smith, Richard J.
2012 Inference for best linear approximations to set identified functionsChandrasekhar, Arun / Chernozhukov, Victor / Molinari, Francesca / Schrimpf, Paul
2012 Generated covariates in nonparametric estimation: A short reviewMammen, Enno / Rothe, Christoph / Schienle, Melanie
2008 GM estimation of higher-order spatial autoregressive processes in cross-section models with heteroskedastic disturbancesBadinger, Harald / Egger, Peter

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