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2013 Subsidies for substitutes? New evidence on deadweight loss and substitution effects of a wage subsidy for hard-to-place job-seekersMoczall, Andreas
2012 The formation of experts' expectations on labour markets: Do they run with the pack?Schanne, Norbert
2012 When the cat is near, the mice won't play: The effect of external examiners in Italian schoolsBertoni, Marco / Brunello, Giorgio / Rocco, Lorenzo
2014 The long-run effects of attending an elite school: Evidence from the UKClark, Damon / Del Bono, Emilia
2014 Seasonality in smoking behaviour: Re-evaluating the effects of the 2005 public smoking ban in ItalyDel Bono, Emilia / Grünberger, Klaus / Vuri, Daniela
2013 Even one is too much: The economic consequences of being a smokerHotchkiss, Julie L. / Pitts, M. Melinda
2010 Partial identification of wage effects of training programsLechner, Michael / Melly, Blaise
2011 The empirical content of models with multiple equilibria in economies with social interactionsBisin, Alberto / Moro, Andrea / Topa, Giorgio
2012 Asymptotic efficiency of semiparametric two-step GMMChen, Xiaohong / Hahn, Jinyong / Liao, Zhipeng
2009 Estimating distributions of potential outcomes using local instrumental variables with an application to changes in college enrollment and wage inequalityCarneiro, Pedro / Lee, Sokbae

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