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DateTitle Authors
2011 Tests for neglected heterogeneity in moment condition modelsHahn, Jinyong / Newey, Whitney K. / Smith, Richard J.
2004 GEL criteria for moment condition modelsSmith, Richard J.
2004 Automatic positive semi-definite HAC covariance matrix and GMM estimationSmith, Richard J.
1999 Identification and Estimation of Causal Effects of Multiple Treatments Under the Conditional Independence AssumptionLechner, Michael
2003 What determines foreign aid to Papua New Guinea? An inter-temporal model of aid allocationFeeny, Simon
1984 A General FIML Estimator for a Certain Class of Models that are Non-Linear in the VariablesMellander, Erik
2010 The 2008 Financial Crisis and Potential Output in Asia: Impact and Policy ImplicationsPark, Cyn-Young / Majuca, Ruperto / Yap, Josef
2006 Sample- and segment-size specific Model Selection in Mixture Regression Analysis. A Monte Carlo simulation studySarstedt, Marko
2008 A imputação da renda nãotrabalho na pesquisa mensal de emprego (PME/IBGE) e seu proveito em análises dinâmicas de pobreza e desigualdadeRibas, Rafael Perez / Machado, Ana Flávia
2014 Money growth and consumer price inflation in the euro area: A wavelet analysisMandler, Martin / Scharnagl, Michael

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