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DateTitle Authors
2012 Estimating heterogeneous returns to education in Germany via conditional heteroskedasticitySaniter, Nils
2012 The timing of earnings sampling over the life-cycle and IV identification of the return to schoolingBelzil, Christian / Hansen, Jörgen
2005 The interplay between foreign direct investment, security and European integration: The case of the Central and Eastern European countriesStoian, Carmen Raluca / Vickerman, Roger
2011 Classical time-varying FAVAR models - estimation, forecasting and structural analysisEickmeier, Sandra / Lemke, Wolfgang / Marcellino, Massimiliano
2009 Analyse der Übertragung US-amerikanischer Schocks auf Deutschland auf Basis eines FAVAREickmeier, Sandra
2004 Estimating equilibrium real interest rates in real-timeClark, Todd E. / Kozicki, Sharon
2006 Comovements and heterogeneity in the Comovements and heterogeneity in the dynamic factor modelEickmeier, Sandra
2006 How good are dynamic factor models at forecasting output and inflation? A meta-analytic approachZiegler, Christina / Eickmeier, Sandra
2008 Comparing the DSGE model with the factor model: an out-of-sample forecasting experimentWang, Mu-Chun
2009 Testing for structural breaks in dynamic factor modelsBreitung, Jörg / Eickmeier, Sandra

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