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DateTitle Authors
2011 Being focused: When the purpose of inference matters for model selectionBehl, Peter / Dette, Holger / Frondel, Manuel / Tauchmann, Harald
2011 Explaining the (non-) causality between energy and economic growth in the US: A multivariate sectoral analysisGross, Christian
1999 An eclectic approach to real exchange rate: DeterminationCerveró, Susana G.
2009 Special Issue on Using Econometrics for Assessing Economic Models: An IntroductionJusélius, Katarina
2001 Rejecting capital-skill complementarity at all costsFrondel, Manuel / Schmidt, Christoph M.
2001 The effects of website provision on the demand for German women's magazinesKaiser, Ulrich
2002 The empirical assessment of technology differences: comparing the comparableSchmidt, Christoph M. / Frondel, Manuel
2014 Minimum distance estimation of dynamic models with errors-in-variablesGospodinov, Nikolay / Komunjer, Ivana / Ng, Serena
2001 Structural changes in the cointegrated vector autoregressive modelHansen, Peter Reinhard
2002 On the estimation of reduced rank regressionsHansen, Peter Reinhard

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