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DateTitle Authors
2014 The Determinants of Trade Costs: A Random Coefficients ApproachEgger, Peter / Prusa, Jan
2012 Unbundling technology adoption and tfp at the firm level: Do intangibles matter?Battisti, Michele / Belloc, Filippo / Del Gatto, Massimo
2010 Pollution abatement and control expenditure in Romania: A multilevel analysisCaporale, Guglielmo Maria / Rault, Christophe / Sova, Robert / Sova, Anamaria
2004 Are there asymmetries in the effects of training on the conditional male wage distribution?Arulampalam, Wiji / Booth, Alison L. / Bryan, Mark L.
2005 Educational qualifications and wage inequality: evidence for EuropeBudría, Santiago / Pereira, Pedro Telhado
2001 Is there a Return-Risk Link in Education?Pereira, Pedro Telhado / Martins, Pedro Silva
2001 The Promise of Workplace Training for Non-College-Bound Youth: Theory and Evidence from German ApprenticeshipClark, Damon / Fahr, René
2010 Using shares vs. Log of shares in fixed-effect estimationsGerdes, Christer
2009 Exploring international differences in rates of return to education: Evidence from EU SILCDavia, Maria A. / McGuinness, Seamus / O'Connell, Philip, J.
2008 Argentinean real exchange rate 1900 - 2006: Testing purchasing power parity theorydal Bianco, Marcos José

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