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DateTitle Authors
2012 Does herd behavior arise more easily under time pressure? Experimental approachCingl, Lubomír
2010 Estimations of generic drug entry in Brazil using count versus ordered modelsFiuza, Eduardo P. S. / Caballero, Barbara
2011 Impacto do plano simplificado de previdência sobre as contribuições voluntárias à previdência socialBastos, Viviane M. / Foguel, Miguel N. / Moreira, Ajax
2010 Estimações de entrada de medicamentos genéricos no Brasil usando modelos de contagem versus modelos ordenadosFiuza, Eduardo P. S. / Caballero, Barbara
2004 Availability of firms' information and their choice of external credit: Evidence from the data of small firmsWatanabe, Wako
2010 The Easterlin paradox and another anatomy of income comparisons: Evidence from hypothetical choice experimentsYamada, Katsunori / Sato, Masayuki
2009 Measurement of social preference from utility-based choice experimentsYamada, Katsunori / Sato, Masayuki / Nakamoto, Yasuhiro
2013 Job Characteristics and Labour SupplyKunze, Lars / Suppa, Nicolai
2005 Unemployment versus inactivity: An analysis of the earnings and labor force status of prime age men in France, the UK, and the US at the end of the 20th centuryBi?áková, Alena
2013 Survival characteristics and adjustment of MNE affiliates in the European integrated marketGeorgopoulos, Antonios / Nowak-Lehmann D., Felicitas / Sogiakas, Vasilios

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