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2009 Income, consumption and remittances: Evidence from immigrants to AustraliaBettin, Giulia / Lucchetti, Riccardo / Zazzaro, Alberto
2004 Food risk perceptions by different consumer groups in GermanyRoosen, Jutta / Thiele, Silke / Hansen, Kristin
2001 A nonparametric regression estimator that adapts to error distribution of unknown formLinton, Oliver Bruce / Xiao, Zhijie
2001 Robust estimation in nonlinear regression and limited dependent variable modelsČížek, Pavel
2010 Occupational upgrading and the business cycle in West GermanyBüttner, Thomas / Jacobebbinghaus, Peter / Ludsteck, Johannes
2010 Leistung, Identifikation oder die Unsicherheit über den Spielausgang - was zählt wirklich? Relevante Einflussfaktoren auf die Zuschauerzahlen in der Basketball-BundesligaGeyer, Hannah
2003 R&D and Subsidies at the Firm Level: An Application of Parametric and Semi-Parametric Two-Step Selection ModelsHussinger, Katrin
2004 Unemployment Durations in West-Germany Before and After the Reform of the Unemployment Compensation System During the 1980sFitzenberger, Bernd / Wilke, Ralf A.
2005 Unemployment Duration and the Length of Entitlement Periods for Unemployment Benefits: Do the IAB Employment Subsample and the German Socio-Economic Panel Yield the Same Results?Biewen, Martin / Wilke, Ralf A.
1998 R&D cooperation and R&D intensity: theory and micro-econometric evidence for german manufacturing industriesKaiser, Ulrich / Licht, Georg

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