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DateTitle Authors
2015 Characterizations of identified sets delivered by structural econometric modelsChesher, Andrew / Rosen, Adam
2005 The Savings Behavior of Temporary and Permanent Migrants in GermanyBauer, Thomas K. / Sinning, Mathias
2015 The importance of reallocation for productivity growth: Evidence from European and US bankingBos, Jaap W. B. / van Santen, Peter C.
2009 Occupational upgrading and the business cycle in West GermanyBüttner, Thomas / Jacobebbinghaus, Peter / Ludsteck, Johannes
2007 An Empirical Test of the Reder HypothesisLudsteck, Johannes / Haupt, Harald
2007 An Empirical Test of Reder Competition and Specific Human Capital Against Standard Wage CompetitionLudsteck, Johannes / Haupt, Harry
2003 Schätzung ökonometrischer Modelle auf der Grundlage anonymisierter DatenPohlmeier, Winfried / Lechner, Sandra
2013 Identification of supplier-induced demand: What kind of consumer information matters?Schmid, Christian
2009 An economic analysis of dismissal legislation: Determinants of severance pay in West GermanyGoerke, Laszlo / Pannenberg, Markus
2005 Where have all the data gone?: Stochastic production frontiers with multiply imputed German establishment dataJensen, Uwe / Rässler, Susanne

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