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DateTitle Authors
2013 Linear regression for panel with unknown number of factors as interactive fixed effectsMoon, Hyungsik Roger / Weidner, Martin
2004 Modeling international diffusion: Inferential benefits and methodological challenges, with an application to international tax competitionFranzese, Robert J. / Hays, Jude C.
18-Jun-2012 What the Keynesian theory said about Portugal?Martinho, Vítor João Pereira Domingues
2010 Beschäftigungseffekte der regionalen Investitionsförderung. Analyse der gewerblichen Subventionen der Bund-Länder- Gemeinschaftsaufgabe „Verbesserung der regionalen Wirtschaftsstruktur“ im Zeitraum 1999 bis 2006Alm, Bastian / Bade, Franz-Josef
2013 A note on the wage share in OECD countries: Is there a race to the bottom?Rada, Codrina / Kiefer, David
2014 Fixed Exchange-Rate Policy and Real Wage Growth: Quasi-Experimental EvidenceAndini, Corrado
2013 Individual and time effects in nonlinear panel models with large N, TFernández-Val, Iván / Weidner, Martin
2014 Estimation of random coefficients logit demand models with interactive fixed effectsMoon, Hyungsik Roger / Shum, Matthew / Weidner, Martin
2002 Finite sample inference for GMM estimators in linear panel data modelsBond, Stephen R. / Windmeijer, Frank
2005 Unit roots: Identification and testing in micro panelsBond, Stephen / Nauges, Céline / Windmeijer, Frank

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