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2003 The Impact of Aid on Economic Growth in Transition Economies: An Empirical StudyCungu, Azeta / Swinnen, Johan
1999 GMM estimation with persistent panel data: an application to production functionsBlundell, Richard / Bond, Steve
1997 Moment conditions for dynamic panel data models with multiplicative individual effects in the conditional varianceMeghir, Costas / Windmeijer, Frank
2011 Income inequality and health: New evidence from panel dataHerzer, Dierk / Nunnenkamp, Peter
2011 Whole-household migration, inequality and poverty in rural MexicoArslan, Aslihan / Taylor, J. Edward
1999 Explaining the Wealth Holdings of Different Cohorts: Productivity Growth and Social SecurityKapteyn, Arie / Alessie, Rob / Lusardi, Annamaria
1997 New insights on earnings trends across skill groups and industries in West GermanyFitzenberger, Bernd / Kurz, Claudia
2005 Panel data unit roots tests: The role of serial correlation and the time dimensionDe Wachter, Stefan / Harris, Richard D. F. / Tzavalis, Elias
2003 The Yen real exchange rate may be stationary after all: Evidence from nonlinear unit-root testsChortareas, Georgios / Kapetanios, George
2005 American exeptionalism in a new light: A comparison of intergenerational earnings mobility in the Nordic countries, the United Kingdom and the United StatesJäntti, Markus / Bratsberg, Bernt / Røed, Knut / Raaum, Oddbjørn / Naylor, Robin / Österbacka, Eva / Björk, Anders

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