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2004 Estimating the Relationship between Age Structure and GDP in the OECD Using Panel Cointegration MethodsÖsterholm, Pär
2005 The effects of school class size on length of post-compulsory education: some cost-benefit analysisBingley, Paul / Myrup Jensen, Vibeke / Walker, Ian
2009 Sports heroes and mass sports participation: The (double) paradox of the 'German tennis boom'Feddersen, Arne / Jacobsen, Sven / Maennig, Wolfgang
2006 American exceptionalism in a new light: a comparison of intergenerational earnings mobility in the Nordic countries, the United Kingdom and the United StatesJäntti, Markus
2010 The Stickiness of Aggregate Consumption Growth in OECD Countries: A Panel Data AnalysisEveraert, Gerdie / Pozzi, Lorenzo
2008 Zur gesellschaftlichen Einbettung von Organisationswandel: Einführungsdynamik dezentraler OrganisationsstrukturenKirchner, Stefan / Oppen, Maria / Bellmann, Lutz
2005 Antidepressants and the Suicide Rate: Is There Really a Connection?Dahlberg, Matz / Lundin, Douglas
2010 A note on the time series measure of conservatismBrauer, Sebastian / Westermann, Frank
2003 Assessing Changes in Intergenerational Earnings MobilityBratberg, Espen / Nilsen, Øivind Anti / Vaage, Kjell
2004 The Importance of Firms in Wage DeterminationGruetter, Max / Lalive, Rafael

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