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2004 Earnings Mobility Among Italian Low Paid WorkersCappellari, Lorenzo
2007 Keeping up with the Schmidts: An Empirical Test of Relative Deprivation Theory in the Neighbourhood ContextKnies, Gundi / Burgess, Simon M. / Propper, Carol
2006 Hysteresis and Persistence in the Course of Unemployment: The EU and US ExperienceDreger, Christian / Reimers, Hans-Eggert
2006 On the Stability of the German Beveridge Curve: A Spatial Econometric PerspectiveKosfeld, Reinhold / Dreger, Christian / Eckey, Hans-Friedrich
2002 Are People Inequality Averse, and Do They Prefer Redistribution by the State? Evidence From German Longitudinal Data on Life SatisfactionSchwarze, Johannes / Härpfer, Marco
2002 Modelling low income transitionsCappellari, Lorenzo / Jenkins, Stephen P.
2002 The Covariance Structure of East and West German Incomes and its Implications for the Persistence of Poverty and InequalityBiewen, Martin
2004 Macroeconomic Uncertainty and Firm LeverageBaum, Christopher F. / Stephan, Andreas / Talavera, Oleksandr
2005 Die Einführung der Praxisgebühr und ihre Wirkung auf die Zahl der Arztkontakte und die Kontaktfrequenz: eine empirische AnalyseGrabka, Markus M. / Schreyögg, Jonas / Busse, Reinhard
2005 Unterschiede im Freizeitverhalten: Ausdruck sozialer Ungleichheitsstrukturen oder Ergebnis individualisierter Lebensführung?Isengard, Bettina

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