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DateTitle Authors
2002 Non-linear models with panle dataHonoré, Bo E.
2004 The bootstrap and the edgeworth correction for semiparametric averaged derivativesNishiyama, Yoshihiko / Robinson, Peter M.
2008 Fixed effects bias in panel data estimatorsBuddelmeyer, Hielke / Jensen, Paul H. / Oguzoglu, Umut / Webster, Elizabeth
2008 Subjective measures of economic well-being and the influence of income uncertaintySchwarze, Johannes
2008 Long term earnings inequality, earnings instability and temporary employment in Spain: 1993 - 2000Cervini Plá, María / Ramos, Xavier
2008 Using firm optimization to evaluate and estimate returns to scaleGorodnichenko, Yuriy
2008 Economic satisfaction and income rank in small neighbourhoodsClark, Andrew E. / Kristensen, Nicolai / Westergård-Nielsen, Niels Christian
2007 Born to be mild? Cohort effects don't (fully) explain why well-being is U-shaped in ageClark, Andrew E.
2008 Testing mundell's intuition of endogenous OCA theoryWarin, Thierry / Wunnava, Phanindra V. / Janicki, Hubert P.
2004 Detection of structural breaks in linear dynamic panel data modelsWachter, Stefan de / Tzavalis, Elias

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