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2010 Spatial and temporal diffusion of house prices in the UKHolly, Sean / Pesaran, Mohammad Hashem / Yamagata, Takashi
2005 Pricing-to-market or hysteresis? An empirical investigation of German exportsPenkova, Emilia
2005 An empirical analysis of UK imports: Is there evidence of hysteresis?Penkova, Emilia
2004 Estimating the Relationship between Age Structure and GDP in the OECD Using Panel Cointegration MethodsÖsterholm, Pär
2005 The effects of school class size on length of post-compulsory education: some cost-benefit analysisBingley, Paul / Myrup Jensen, Vibeke / Walker, Ian
2009 Sports heroes and mass sports participation: The (double) paradox of the 'German tennis boom'Feddersen, Arne / Jacobsen, Sven / Maennig, Wolfgang
2006 American exceptionalism in a new light: a comparison of intergenerational earnings mobility in the Nordic countries, the United Kingdom and the United StatesJäntti, Markus
2010 The Stickiness of Aggregate Consumption Growth in OECD Countries: A Panel Data AnalysisEveraert, Gerdie / Pozzi, Lorenzo
2008 Zur gesellschaftlichen Einbettung von Organisationswandel: Einführungsdynamik dezentraler OrganisationsstrukturenKirchner, Stefan / Oppen, Maria / Bellmann, Lutz
2005 Antidepressants and the Suicide Rate: Is There Really a Connection?Dahlberg, Matz / Lundin, Douglas

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