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2003 The Block Bootstrap for Parameter Estimation Error In Recursive Estimation Schemes, With Applications to Predictive EvaluationSwanson, Norman R. / Corradi, Valentina
2003 A Test for Comparing Multiple Misspecified Conditional DistributionsCorradi, Valentina / Swanson, Norman R.
2003 Some Recent Developments in Predictive Accuracy Testing With Nested Models and (Generic) Nonlinear AlternativesCorradi, Valentina / Swanson, Norman R.
2003 Evaluation of Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Models Based on Distributional Comparison of Simulated and Historical DataCorradi, Valentina / Swanson, Norman R.
2003 Bootstrap Specification Tests for Diffusion ProcessesCorradi, Valentina / Swanson, Norman R.
2003 The Effect of Data Transformation on Common Cycle, Cointegration and Unit Root Tests : Monte Carlo Results and a Simple TestCorradi, Valentina / Swanson, Norman R.
2004 Predective Density and Conditional Confidence Interval Accuracy TestsCorradi, Valentina / Swanson, Norman R.
2004 Panel Seasonal Unit Root Test With An Application for Unemployment DataReimers, Hans-Eggert / Dreger, Christian
2010 US disposable personal income and housing price index: A fractional integration analysisCaporale, Guglielmo Maria / Gil-Alana, Luis A.
2014 Penalized Splines, Mixed Models and the Wiener-Kolmogorov FilterBloechl, Andreas

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