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2005 Are business cycles all alike? A bandmass filter analysis of Italian and US cyclesNapoletano, Mauro / Roventini, Andrea / Sapio, Sandro
2011 The Euro changeover and price adjustments in ItalyCaporale, Guglielmo Maria / Girardi, Alessandro / Ventura, Marco
1995 Zentralbankpolitik und Zentralbankautonomie: Spielt die Unabhängigkeit eine Rolle?Solveen, Ralph
1996 Die Preisbildung im westdeutschen Außenhandel: Eine empirische AnalyseFischer, Malte
1996 Verhindert die Unabhängigkeit der Zentralbank politische Konjunkturzyklen?Solveen, Ralph
1996 Determinants of the expected real long-term interest rates in the G7-countriesKrämer, Jörg W.
2007 Why bayes rules: A note on Bayesian vs. classical inference in regime switching modelsGärtner, Dennis
2010 Financial development and economic growth: An empirical analysis for IrelandAdamopoulos, Antonios
2014 The Hodrick-Prescott Filter with a Time-Varying Penalization Parameter. An Application for the Trend Estimation of Global Temperature.Blöchl, Andreas / Flaig, Gebhard
2011 Predictive inference under model misspecification with an application to assessing the marginal predictive content of money for outputArmah, Nii Ayi / Swanson, Norman R.

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