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2012 Exponent of cross-sectional dependence: Estimation and inferenceBailey, Natalia / Kapetanios, George / Pesaran, Hashem
2012 Exogenous treatment and endogenous factors: Vanishing of omitted variable bias on the interaction termNizalova, Olena Y. / Murtazashvili, Irina
2012 Childhood Intelligence and Adult Mortality, and the Role of Socio-Economic StatusCramer, Jan S.
2011 Estimating heterogeneous take-up and crowd-out responses to marginal and non-marginal medicaid expansionsHam, John C. / Ozbeklik, I. Serkan / Shore-Sheppard, Lara
2011 Losers and losers: Some demographics of medical malpractice tort reformsFriedson, Andrew I. / Kniesner, Thomas J.
2012 Internet offer prices for flats and their determinants: A cross section of large European citiesKholodilin, Konstantin A.
2013 Generalized propensity scores for multiple continuous treatment variablesEgger, Peter H. / von Ehrlich, Maximilian
2009 Fractional Response Models - A Replication Exercise of Papke and Wooldridge (1996)Oberhofer, Harald / Pfaffermayr, Michael
2004 The puzzle with increasing money demand: Evidence from a cross-section of countriesGraf Lambsdorff, Johann
2013 A simple approach to treatment effects on durations when the treatment timing is chosenLee, Myoung-jae / Johansson, Per-Olov

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