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2013 Peer Groups, Employment Status and Mental Well-being among Older Adults in IrelandHudson, Eibhlin / Barrett, Alan
2013 The Effect of Firms' Partial Retirement Policies on the Labour Market Outcomes of Their EmployeesHuber, Martin / Lechner, Michael / Wunsch, Conny
2013 Penalized Quantile Regression with Semiparametric Correlated Effects: Applications with Heterogeneous PreferencesHarding, Matthew / Lamarche, Carlos
2011 Price discovery and trade fragmentation in a multi-market environment: Evidence from the MTS systemCaporale, Guglielmo Maria / Girardi, Alessandro
2009 Correcting mistakes: Cognitive dissonance and political attitudes in Sweden and the United StatesElinder, Mikael
2008 Selfish and prospective theory and evidence of pocketbook votingElinder, Mikael / Jordahl, Henrik / Poutvaara, Panu
2013 Partial Identification of the Long-Run Causal Effect of Food Security on Child HealthMillimet, Daniel L. / Roy, Manan
2001 Violence against civilians in civil wars: Looting or terror?Azam, Jean-Paul / Hoeffler, Anke
2011 Returns to compulsory schooling in Britain: Evidence from a Bayesian fuzzy regression discontinuity analysisChib, Siddhartha / Jacobi, Liana
2011 The impact of active labour market policy on post-unemployment outcomes: Evidence from a social experiment in DenmarkBlasco, Sylvie / Rosholm, Michael

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