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2014 Evolution of cooperation in social dilemmas: signaling internalized normsvon Wangenheim, Georg / Müller, Stephan
2010 Natural experiment evidence on the effect of migration on blood pressure and hypertensionGibson, John / Stillman, Steven / McKenzie, David / Rohorua, Halahingano
2010 Spatial decentralization and program evaluation: Theory and an example from IndonesiaPitt, Mark M. / Menon, Nidhiya
2010 Why do low-educated workers invest less in further training?Fouarge, Didier / Schils, Trudie / Grip, Andries de
2009 Disability benefits: A substitute for income support for single mothers with no qualifications in the UKSoobedar, Zeenat
2014 Maternity leave and its consequences for subsequent careers in GermanyFranz, Nele
2013 The impact of national financial regulation on macroeconomic and fiscal performance after the 2007 financial shock: Econometric analyses based on cross-country dataHagen, Tobias
2009 Labour supply disincentives of income support: An analysis of single mothers with no qualifications in the UKSoobedar, Zeenat
2005 Forecasting Regional Labour Market Developments Under Spatial Heterogeneity and Spatial AutocorrelationLonghi, Simonetta / Nijkamp, Peter
2012 Asevelvollisuus ja työmarkkinat: Varusmiespalveluksen vaikutus koulutukseen, työllisyyteen ja palkkaanAlho, Kari E. O. / Nikula, Nuutti

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