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2008 Can information about local government performance induce civic participation?Capuno, Joseph J. / Garcia, Maria Melody S.
2014 Sheep in wolf's clothing: Using the least squares criterion for quantile estimationChen, Heng
2012 Long term impacts of compensatory preschool on health and behavior: Evidence from head startCarneiro, Pedro / Ginja, Rita
2009 New flight regimes and exposure to aircraft noise: Identifying housing price effects using a ratio-of-ratios approachBoes, Stefan / Nüesch, Stephan
2012 The impact of democracy and press freedom on corruption: Conditionality mattersKalenborn, Christine / Lessmann, Christian
2009 Bounds on counterfactual distributions under semi-monotonicity constraintsBoes, Stefan
2011 Price discovery and trade fragmentation in a multi-market environment: Evidence from the MTS systemCaporale, Guglielmo Maria / Girardi, Alessandro
2009 Correcting mistakes: Cognitive dissonance and political attitudes in Sweden and the United StatesElinder, Mikael
2008 Selfish and prospective theory and evidence of pocketbook votingElinder, Mikael / Jordahl, Henrik / Poutvaara, Panu
2013 Impact of national financial regulation on macroeconomic and fiscal performance after the 2007 financial stock: Econometric analyses based on cross-country dataHagen, Tobias

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