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2010 Spatial Interdependence of Hospital Efficiency in GermanyStrumann, Christoph / Herwartz, Helmut
2012 Beyond the average elasticity: Applying quantile panel regression to German household mobility dataRitter, Nolan
2014 The effect of firms' partial retirement policies on the labour market outcomes of their employeesWunsch, Conny / Huber, Martin / Lechner, Michael
2014 Evolution of cooperation in social dilemmas: signaling internalized normsvon Wangenheim, Georg / Müller, Stephan
2014 Socioeconomic Gradients in Children's Cognitive Skills: Are Cross-Country Comparisons Robust to Who Reports Family Background?Jerrim, John / Micklewright, John
2014 Are 12 Years of Schooling Sufficient for Preparation for Tertiary Education? Evidence from the Reform of Secondary School Duration in GermanyMeyer, Tobias / Thomsen, Stephan
2011 Regional Clusters of Innovative Activity in Europe: Are Social Capital and Geographical Proximity the Key Determinants?de Dominicis, Laura / Florax, Raymond J.G.M. / de Groot, Henri L.F.
2010 Effectiveness of public R&D subsidies in East Germany: is it a matter of firm size?Reinkowski, Janina / Alecke, Björn / Mitze, Timo / Untiedt, Gerhard
2003 Managerial Effiency in German Top League SoccerKern, Markus / Süssmuth, Bernd
2006 How Successful is the Dual Income Tax? Evidence from the Finnish Tax Reform of 1993Pirttilä, Jukka / Selin, Håkan

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