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2012 Employment Protection and Multinational Enterprises: Theory and Evidence from Micro DataNorbäck, Pehr-Johan / Duanmu , Jing-Lin / Skedinger, Per
2013 Modelling the Fiscal Reaction Functions of the GIPS Based on State-Varying ThresholdsLegrenzi, Gabriella Deborah / Milas, Costas
1999 Female Labour Supply, Flexibility of Working Hours, and Job Mobility in the NetherlandsEuwals, Rob
1999 Money for Nothing and Your Chips for Free? The Anatomy of the PC Wage DipperentialHaisken-DeNew, John P. / Schmidt, Christoph M.
2008 The impact of backwardation on hedgers' demand for currency futures contracts: theory versus empirical evidenceRöthig, Andreas
2011 Thirty years of heteroskedasticity-robust inferenceMacKinnon, James G.
2013 Unemployment and Domestic Violence: Theory and EvidenceRainer, Helmut / Anderberg, Dan / Wadsworth, Jonathan / Wilson, Tanya
2006 On the conditions that preclude the existence of the lerner paradox and the Metzler paradoxEndoh, Masahiro / Hamada, Koichi
2008 Proxying ability by family background in returns to schooling estimations is generally a bad ideaMellander, Erik / Sandgren-Massih, Sofia
2005 Some recent advances in measurement error models and methodsSchneeweiss, Hans / Augustin, Thomas

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