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2008 Does parental employment affect children's educational attainment? Evidence from GermanyHörisch, Hannah
2008 Agglomeration economies and clustering: Evidence from German firmsHafner, Kurt A.
2008 The impact of backwardation on hedgers' demand for currency futures contracts: theory versus empirical evidenceRöthig, Andreas
2011 Thirty years of heteroskedasticity-robust inferenceMacKinnon, James G.
2013 Unemployment and Domestic Violence: Theory and EvidenceRainer, Helmut / Anderberg, Dan / Wadsworth, Jonathan / Wilson, Tanya
2006 On the conditions that preclude the existence of the lerner paradox and the Metzler paradoxEndoh, Masahiro / Hamada, Koichi
2008 Proxying ability by family background in returns to schooling estimations is generally a bad ideaMellander, Erik / Sandgren-Massih, Sofia
2005 Some recent advances in measurement error models and methodsSchneeweiss, Hans / Augustin, Thomas
2003 Pobreza, Deforestación y Pérdida de la Biodiversidad en GuatemalaLoening, Ludger J. / Markussen, Michael
2009 New recipes for estimating default intensitiesBaranovski, Alexander / von Lieres und Wilkau, Carsten / Wilch, André

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