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2004 The East German Cement Cartel : An Inquiry into Comparable Markets, Industry Structure, and Antitrust PolicyVeltins, Michael A. / Schaller, Armin / Blum, Ulrich
1998 Volatility estimates of the short term interest rate with an application to German dataDankenbring, Henning
2004 Do gasoline prices converge in a unified Europe with non-harmonized tax rates?Dreher, Axel / Krieger, Tim
2013 The Pharmacological Channel Revisited: Alcohol Sales Restrictions and Crime in BogotaMello, Joao De / Londono, Daniel Mejia / Suarez, Lucia
2012 Ideas production in emerging economiesLuintel, Kul B. / Khan, Mosahid
2006 Estimating the New Keynesian Phillips Curve: A vertical production chain approachShapiro, Adam Hale
2008 Economietric models for electricity prices: A critical surveySerati, Massimiliano / Manera, Matteo / Plotegher, Michele
2009 Gender pay gap and quantile regression in European familiesNicodemo, Catia
2009 Differences in decline: quantile regression analysis of union wage differentials in the United Kingdom, 1991 - 2003Manquilef-Bächler, Alejandra A. / Arulampalam, Wiji / Smith, Jennifer C.
2011 Wage differentials between native and immigrant women in Spain: Accounting for differences in the supportsNicodemo, Catia / Ramos, Raul

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