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2010 The similarity between the square of the coefficient of variation and the Gini index of a general random variableGonzález Abril, Luis / Velasco Morente, Francisco / Gavilán Ruiz, José Manuel / Sánchez-Reyes Fernández, Luis María
2002 The weak Pareto law and regular variation in the tailsKrämer, Walter / Ziebach, Thorsten
2014 A Test for the Portion of Bivariate Dependence in Multivariate Tail RiskBormann, Carsten / Schienle, Melanie / Schaumburg, Julia
2010 Consumer price behavior in Mexico under inflation targeting: A microdata approachYsusi, Carla
2009 Análisis estadístico de la inflación en México a nivel de subíndices y genéricosYsusi, Carla
2011 Robustness of the Proposed Measures of Revealed Comparative AdvantageBebek, Ufuk Gunes
2004 Tails of credit default portfoliosKuhn, Gabriel
2006 Convenience yields for CO2 emission allowance futures contractsBorak, Szymon / Härdle, Wolfgang Karl / Trück, Stefan / Weron, Rafał
2010 Uncovering the common risk free rate in the European Monetary UnionWagenvoort, Rien / Zwart, Sanne
2010 The dynamics of hourly electricity pricesHärdle, Wolfgang Karl / Trück, Stefan

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