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DateTitle Authors
2015 Simultaneous likelihood-based bootstrap confidence sets for a large number of modelsZhilova, Mayya
2014 New strategies to improve the accuracy of predictions based on Monte Carlo and bootstrap simulations: An application to Bulgarian and Romanian inflationSimionescu, Mihaela
2015 Information criteria for nonlinear time series modelsRinke, Saskia / Sibbertsen, Philipp
2008 Evoluční dynamika vězňova dilematu: Vliv topologie interakcí a imitace na vývoj kooperativního chováníHausenblas, Václav / Švarc, Petr
2010 Intangibles, can they explain the dispersion in return rates?Görzig, Bernd / Gornig, Martin
1999 VAR cointegration in VARMA modelsWagner, Martin
2008 A importância das cotas para a focalização do Programa Bolsa Famíliade Barros, Ricardo Paes / de Carvalho, Mirela / Franco, Samuel / Mendonça, Rosane
2003 Gradient Estimation for a Class of Systems with Bulk Services: A Problem in Public TransportationVazquez-Abad, Felisa J. / Heidergott, Bernd
2006 Bootstrap-based improvements for inference with clustered errorsCameron, A. Colin / Miller, Douglas L. / Gelbach, Jonah B.
2014 Estimation of Dynamic Discrete Choice Models by Maximum Likelihood and the Simulated Method of MomentsEisenhauer, Philipp / Heckman, James J. / Mosso, Stefano

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