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2009 Berücksichtigung von Schätzunsicherheit bei der Kreditrisikobewertung: Vergleich des Value at Risk der Verlustverteilung des Kreditrisikos bei Verwendung von Bootstrapping und einem asymptotischen AnsatzDannenberg, Henry
2009 International financial integration and real exchange rate long-run dynamics in emerging countries: some panel evidenceCaporale, Guglielmo Maria / Hadj Amor, Thouraya / Rault, Christophe
2003 Improvements in Maximum Likelihood Estimators of Truncated Normal Samples with Prior Knowledge of σ. A Simulation Based Study with Application to Historical Height SamplesA'Hearn, Brian / Komlos, John
2010 Is there a superior distance function for matching in small samples?Dettmann, Eva / Becker, Claudia / Schmeißer, Christian
2003 The effect of schooling and ability on achievement test scoresHansen, Karsten T / Heckman, James J / Mullen, Kathleen J
2012 A framework to assess vulnerabilities arising from household indebtedness using microdataDjoudad, Ramdane
2009 The influence of conflict on the demand for education in the Basque Regionde Groot, Olaf J. / Göksel, Idil
2011 Methods for computing marginal data densities from the gibbs outputFuentes-Albero, Cristina / Melosi, Leonardo
2010 Dynamic Simultaneous Equations and Panel Data: Small Sample Properties and Regional Factor Demand Modelling for Policy AnalysisMitze, Timo
2008 Can we predict vulnerability to poverty?Zhang, Yuan / Wan, Guanghua

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