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2005 Analyzing the changing gender wage gap based on multiply inputed right censored wagesGartner, Hermann / Rässler, Susanne
2008 Adaptive Mixture of Student-t distributions as a Flexible Candidate Distribution for Efficient SimulationArdia, David / Hoogerheide, Lennart F. / van Dijk, Herman K.
2006 Pillar I treatment of concentrations in the banking book - a multifactor approachVarsányi, Zoltán
2007 Asset correlations and credit portfolio risk: an empirical analysisDüllmann, Klaus / Scheicher, Martin / Schmieder, Christian
2011 Numerically Accelerated Importance Sampling for Nonlinear Non-Gaussian State Space ModelsKoopman, Siem Jan / Lucas, Andre / Scharth, Marcel
2003 Testing for Cointegration in Misspecified Systems –A Monte Carlo Study of Size DistortionsÖsterholm, Pär
2008 Multiple imputation of right-censored wages in the German IAB employment sample considering heteroscedasticityBüttner, Thomas / Rässler, Susanne
2011 Counting with Combined Splitting and Capture-Recapture MethodsDupuis, Paul / Kaynar, Bahar / Ridder, Ad / Rubinstein, Reuven / Vaisman, Radislav
2010 Some Exact Tests for Manifest Properties of Latent Trait Modelsde Gooijer, Jan G. / Yuan, Ao
2011 Bootstrap confidence sets with weak instrumentsDavidson, Russell / MacKinnon, James G.

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