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2008 Sequential estimation of structural models with a fixed point constraintKasahara, Hiroyuki / Shimotsu, Katsumi
2009 IV-Schätzung eines linearen Panelmodells mit stochastisch überlagerten Betriebs- und UnternehmensdatenBiewen, Elena / Ronning, Gerd / Rosemann, Martin
2004 Viewing the Relative Efficiency of IV Estimators in Models with Lagged and Instantaneous FeedbacksJoseph, Agnes S. / Kiviet, Jan F.
2012 A control function approach to estimating dynamic probit models with endogenous regressors, with an application to the study of poverty persistence in ChinaGiles, John T. / Murtazashvili, Irina
2012 The consequences of measurement error when estimating the impact of BMI on labour market outcomesO'Neill, Donal / Sweetman, Olive B.
2012 Canonical correlation and assortative matching: A remarkDupuy, Arnaud / Galichon, Alfred
2001 Information-theoretic estimation of preference parameters: Macroeconomic applications and simulation evidenceGregory, Allan W. / Lamarche, Jean-Francois / Smith, Gregor W.
2013 Who opts out of the statuory health insurance? A discrete time hazard model for GermanyBünnings, Christian / Tauchmann, Harald
2009 Evaluating nonexperimental estimators for multiple treatments: evidence from experimental dataFlores, Carlos A. / Mitnik, Oscar A.
2013 Effects of correlated covariates on the efficiency of matching and inverse probability weighting estimators for causal inferencePingel, Ronnie / Waernbaum, Ingeborg

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