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DateTitle Authors
2010 Some Exact Tests for Manifest Properties of Latent Trait Modelsde Gooijer, Jan G. / Yuan, Ao
2003 Bootstrap Conditional Distribution Tests In the Presence of Dynamic MisspecificationCorradi, Valentina / Swanson, Norman R.
2003 Evaluation of Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Models Based on Distributional Comparison of Simulated and Historical DataCorradi, Valentina / Swanson, Norman R.
2003 Bootstrap Specification Tests for Diffusion ProcessesCorradi, Valentina / Swanson, Norman R.
2003 The Effect of Data Transformation on Common Cycle, Cointegration and Unit Root Tests : Monte Carlo Results and a Simple TestCorradi, Valentina / Swanson, Norman R.
2007 Testing a parametric quantile-regression model with an endogenous explanatory variable against a nonparametric alternativeHorowitz, Joel L. / Lee, Sokbae
2003 Generalized empirical likelihood estimamtors and tests under partial, weaks and strong identificationGuggenberger, Patrik / Smith, Richard J.
2005 Generalized empirical likelihood tests in time models with potential identification failureGuggenberger, Patrik / Smith, Richard J.
2006 Confidence sets for partially identified parameters that satisfy a finite number of moment inequalitiesRosen, Adam M.
2002 Finite sample inference for GMM estimators in linear panel data modelsBond, Stephen R. / Windmeijer, Frank

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