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2007 If Winning isn't Everything, why do they keep Score? A Structural Empirical Analysis of Dutch Flower Auctionsvan den Berg, Gerard J. / van der Klaauw, Bas
2003 Multivariate regression and ANOVA models with outliers: A comparative approachPolasek, Wolfgang
2012 Bayesian semiparametric regressionPelenis, Justinas
2011 Posterior consistency in conditional density estimation by covariate dependent mixturesNorets, Andriy / Pelenis, Justinas
2010 Cost Drivers of Operation Charges and Variation over Time: An Analysis Based on Semiparametric SUR ModelsBrunauer, Wolfgang A. / Keiler, Sebastian / Lang, Stefan
2012 Finding relevant variables in sparse Bayesian factor models: Economic applications and simulation resultsKaufmann, Sylvia / Schumacher, Christian
2009 Is more still better? Revisiting the sixth district coincident indicatorSilos, Pedro / Vilán, Diego
2013 Time-varying structural vector autoregressions and monetary policy: A corrigendumDel Negro, Marco / Primiceri, Giorgio
2005 Reexamining the consumption-wealth relationship: The role of model uncertaintyKoop, Gary M. / Potter, Simon M. / Strachan, Rodney W.
2004 Learning about beta: A new look at CAPM testsAdrian, Tobias / Franzoni, Francesco

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